Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What Is Om Telolet Om?

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Indonesia is currently the world's spotlight. The phenomenon of ' Om Telolet Om ' become warm conversation in social media and in some of the foreign media. then how this phenomenon occurred initially?
Cyberspace is being shocked ' plague ' is the phrase om telolet om. Some people are still wondering where it came from, for that matter?
If often pay attention, lots of vehicle traffic like buses that have very loud with the sound of the Horn. Unlike the car in General, these buses have a honking with rhythm. The melody resembles "telolet".
Thus, who is making the popular telolet?

What Is Om Telolet Om?
Starting from the ' hanging around ' hordes of children in a city in indonesia namely JEPARA, children gathered at the roadside. From a video uploaded on YouTube, they are seen carrying a large cardboard paper that reads, "om telolet om" which is directed toward the highway.
Hunter telolet it makes sense outside of the actual phenomenon? What is the advantages of waiting for a bus pass, ask at telolet, recorded, continue to upload? Moreover, the security is actually somewhat alarming. These kids have no doubt run chasing buses to record the pace bus that is being telolet.
Apart from that, the persistence of this boy-boy working in this hobby to fruition. OM telolet om now worldwide, especially among foreign DJS. This phenomenon is similar to the phenomenon of fried rice ever dicuitkan on Twitter by outside artists, one Owl City. Well, Om telolet om pun so. World class DJS such as DJ Snake tweet telolet Om om at Twitternya. More make laugh, but the DJ is the comment on Instagram his Donald Trump with the phrase what? You guys certainly know already,

Zedd, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, until Marshmemello also did the same thing in their social media: Om telolet om. Up on the Billboard charts, there are articles specifically discussing the Telolet. Telolet is going internesyenel. But how can they get the bandwagon writing Om telolet om at sosmed them? what they want to know the trend in Indonesia? Instead, nothing other than the manner of teenagers is the spamming comment Indonesia at account-an account of the artist with the phrase what? OM TELOLET OM! Spamming in this massive finally made the DJ also so curious and me-too voicing OM TELOLET OM!

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